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I am a Chef and a Culinary Artist with a vision: to change the way the average person thinks about food and to change the future of the fine-dining experience through a different approach to using local foods one-of-a-kind flavors and providing singular experiences. People should feel connected to who cooks their food and where it comes from locally because understanding that makes the taste that much better. There are a variety of flavor combinations that few utilize. I want to introduce people to new flavors and foods they once would have been hesitant to eat due to their lack of understanding. As a native Angeleno, I was privileged enough to develop a palate for every type of flavor. Coupling that with my travels--working and exploring other countries and their respective cuisines--I have been fortunate to take my craft and expertise beyond American borders, from small family-owned restaurants to the highest luxury hotels. I am highly selective in food's authenticity, creativity, and originality. I critically think about every point in the process--from creating the dish to when the guest experiences it. As a result, my menus are 100% customizable, ranging from reimagined classics to experimental experiences. I commonly create four to six-course meals based on what's in season. While I primarily dabble in the fine dining Japanese and Mexican cuisine. I am also knowledgeable in various cuisines and love to put together fusion menus.

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